Supplemental Lessons

Below are fun activities that accompany our books: Squirt and Shelby, and Dizzy

Teacher Pack:

Individual Lessons:

1) Draw Shelby - Step by step instructions on how to draw the world's shiest shark from start to finish.

2) Shelby Writing Project - A fun "day in the life" of a shark writing project

2) Coloring pages 1 and 2- Two coloring pages for children's imaginations to soar. What color should Shelby be today? 

3) Language Comprehension - See how well you know the book with this trivial pursuit game.  

4) References - For those who want to learn more about sharks, dive in. There are books, journal articles, on-line articles, web site, on-line laboratories, all filled with fun facts about sharks. 

5) Power Point Presentation - For a glance at some of Shelby's cousins, go no further than this link. Just keep your fingers and toes away from those teeth!     

Teacher Pack:

Indidivual lessons:

1) Language Comprehension - This file contains 27 treasure hunt questions that take students through the entire book from Squirt's antics to the curious characteristics of squid. Answers are included.                                              

 2) Drawing Squirt - This file contains detailed information and visual instructions on how to draw Squirt.

3) Squirt Cups - This file explains how to make Squrit from a paper cup, ribbon, and google eyes. It is a great project for younger children, and can be pepped up a bit by allowing them to make Squirt iridescent. This can be done by glueing glitter or sequins to the cup to make it sparkle. Since squid can bioluminesce, this is a great hands on way to bring to teach that fact.    

4) Book Making Project - This file explains how to incorporate book-making into an ocean unit through "Squirt." It also contains detailed information, directed toward the older reader (grades 2 - 4) about the ins and outs of layout, design, codes, printing and binding a trade market picture book. 

5) Squid References - This file contains a list of reference materials for squid. These include web sites, journal articles, picture books, Monterey Bay Aquarium publications, and more. 

6) Cephalopods  - This is a short power point presentation with images of squid and their relatives. There are also three slides with information on squid attacks, calamari, and squid eyes and how they are used for research.

Teacher Pack:

1) Draw Dizzy - Illustrator step by step instructions on how to draw the world's fastest dolphin. On your mark, get set, go!

2) Coloring pages 1 and 2 - If Dizzy is too busy to draw, try coloring him:

3) Language Comprehension: How well do you know our fearless hero? Give these questions a go?

4) Maze: Dizzy got you dizzy? Just try this maze!

5) Wordls: How many mixed up words about sea life can you sort out?

6) Tell me More: This download has lots of books, magazine articles, and websites that have children friendly information on dolphins

7) Show me: Attached is a power point presentation on Pacific white-sided dolphins and their cousins. Watch the waves and enjoy!

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